Friday, July 25, 2014

Lily and Mommy's (Sick) Day

Poor pitiful Pea Pie...

She woke up on Wednesday with a low-grade fever and nasty gunk flowing from her eyes, ears, and nose. Just nasty. When this happens, we know immediately that an ear infection is in hot pursuit. She stayed home with Daddy for some much needed rest and relaxation. When she woke up worse on Thursday, it was Mommy's turn to stay home and love on Lily. Now, I am fully aware that this was not a vacation day or a Mommy-Daughter Day...but whilst sick her spirits were still rather high so I wanted to make the day as fun as possible for her. So, while we waited for her doctor's appointment...I broke out the paints and canvas...

There are a few art projects that have been on the back I decided to knock one out! Lily's big girl room still has some bare walls and my late night Pinterest searches led me to a quote that just defines our Pea Pie and just NEEDED to be painted on a canvas and hung on her wall! As I got the canvas prepped, Lily wanted to jump I said YES!

Stage one of our projects was complete so off to the doctor we went.

Yes, Lily makes herself at home just about anywhere! Once the doctor confirmed that she did have a nasty ear infection...I thought some lunch would help! So, we ran to McAlister's for some sweet tea and a cheese pita pizza!

Outside of the ear infection, our lunch date was so much fun! 
We headed home, rested for a bit, and then finished our projects!

While my lettering is a bit rusty, I'm generally pleased with home these turned out! It was so much fun working on a project with Lily and she was SO proud! It was adorable! 

Although this was a "sick" day, we had so much fun! She is growing up WAY too fast so it's our goal to take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life with our funny, beautiful kiddos! 

Now, on that note, please excuse me...I'm being beckoned to attend a tea party with a little princess! ;)