Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Oh what a wonderful weekend we had! We traveled to Leesville for our annual Easter visit and, as always, it was just eggs-cellent! ;) This is an incredibly stressful and busy time for both Chris and I, so a little weekend away from it all was much needed. We packed the van on Friday and made our way to the big LV! 

Not to deviate too much from our regularly scheduled program, we headed straight to Fox's Pizza...because it was Friday night and we eat pizza on Friday night. EVERY. FRIDAY. NIGHT. I'm actually quite thankful that Fox's Pizza was not around when I lived in Leesville because it's delicious and I would have eaten there constantly. Running into friends was the icing on the cake! 

Once the kiddos were in bed, the adults relaxed on the couch and watched a movie in our pjs. Scott is the ultimate VIP at the local library and is constantly given random (and sometimes brand new) movies to enjoy before the masses. This time is was "Mom's Night Out" and it was cute. Following  the evening of a few stressed out moms, plans get derailed and hilarity ensues. While I enjoyed the general message of the movie, I had a couple critiques. The main one being the stereotype that dads aren't capable of watching their children alone and moms aren't capable of letting go. Let me just say this....dads aren't babysitting their children...they are parenting their children...stop using the term kills me! Dropping the mic and stepping away from the soap box...

Saturday morning we woke up without an alarm clock and just enjoyed the morning. Sarah arrived and we headed out the meet Uncle Steve at the "ranch". Now, if you need some enjoyment, it would be in your best interest to friend my Uncle Steve on Facebook. He is hilarious! For a few weeks, I've laughed out loud each time he talked about talking to the cows and their reactions to his soft rock music. Seeing it in action was amazing. When we arrived, he had a hayride ready for us. When we got to the pastures, he was disappointed that there weren't too many cows to see...but then he just started hollering and, I kid you not, the other cows just started running his way! He was just a talking to those cows and they were just a moo'ing back. It was unbelievable...and the Henry kiddos ATE IT UP! Those two kiddos loved riding in the tractor, crawling all over the hay, petting the chickens, and watching the cows! After a full day of running around the ranch, an easy night was a must. We enjoyed some of GranZee's spaghetti with Uncle Alan and Uncle Steve before dying a few eggs and heading to bed! 

Sunday morning, our alarm clock was Lily...she was excited to see if the Easter Bunny visited...and of course, he did! The kiddos enjoyed their treats while GranZee made cinnamon rolls that looked like bunnies before heading to church at East Leesville Baptist Church. The Henrys were decked in seersucker (well three out of four) when Lily informs us that she was going to sit in Big Church. Oh yay! ;) She was actually quite behaved...thanks to a sticker/coloring book! We all left service covered in Easter stickers!

After church, we had a brief photo session, changed, cooked, and headed out to "A-hole Hill". It was a gorgeous day and our traditional Easter meal was delicious! While the Henrys skipped the BBQ chicken, we did enjoy the potato salad, deviled eggs, mac & cheese, and baked beans...topped off with homemade lemon ice cream by Uncle Alan! The kiddos loved running around, searching for eggs, and exploring while we just enjoyed each others company! It was perfect! I didn't take nearly enough photos...but enjoy!

Lily never stopped talking...which means she LOVES it!

Aren't they adorable!?!

She didn't really "love" holding the chickens!

She liked the a distance!

This girl loves to pick the flowers!

Lily and the "cow whisperer"!

Caught in the action of skipping towards a stray cow! 

My sweet boy!

This little boy loves his Pops!

How perfect is this picture!?!?! My two very favorite boys in matching seersucker still my heart!

Seriously...they are my favorite boys!

Lily was just refusing to this is just about the best we could get!

Aw...three fifths of the Gradys!


And now the hunt for eggs is on!

Please disregard the spear in my two year olds was immediately removed!

What a cool guy!

Doing what they do best...comparing notes!

Crazy Sizzer...

As you can see, it was an amazing weekend! I'm seriously dreading returning to the "real world" tomorrow...but alas, I must. (insert sad face)

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones celebrating a truly joyous occasion on a gorgeous weekend!