Monday, March 2, 2015

Harrison Reid Henry | A Year In Review

As I type this I just can't believe that Harrison is turning one. 

This year has been incredible but it has moved too incredibly fast. Prior to his arrival, I was worried that I could never love a child as much as I love Lily...but my heart just grew the moment Harrison was born. Even further, watching Lily become an active big sister has caused me to fall more in love with her each day...watching Chris tackle life so effortlessly as Super Dad (times two) has caused me to fall more in love with him each day...and watching Harrison meet and greet each milestone in ways both similar and different from his sister has caused me to fall more in love with him each day as well. My cup truly is overflowing...and I'm just so thankful for my precious, amazing, crazy, messy, wild, loving family! ;)

To celebrate our little Captain turning one, please enjoy this little photo journey of the past year and his sweet little life thus far...

When we found out that Baby Henry was a BOY!!!!

And then fast forward a few months to March 2, 2014 at 2:50am, when this beautiful bundle arrived!

And he was loved...

One week old!

First trip to the doctor...anchors away!

One Month!

First Easter!

Two Months!

Three Months!

Four Months!

Five Months!

Six Months!

Eating solids and loving it!

Evening Walks!

Park trips!

Seven Months!

First Halloween!!!

Eight Months!

First Thanksgiving!!

Nine Months!

First Christmas!

Ten Months!

Standing Guy!

Eleven Months!

First Mardi Gras Parade!

And finally...

Twelve Months!

What a year! 

We have so many fun little celebrations planned for this week...stay tuned!!