Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

For Thanksgiving this year, we packed up the mini-van and headed to Leesville! From the traditional menu to the gorgeous trip to the Ranch, it was a really great holiday spent with crazy family! Enjoy!

The beloved Tofurkey...

And then we went to the Ranch with Uncle Steve!

This sweet calf was brand new!

Poor Corbin!

Another fun adventure in Leesville!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Halloween 2016

It was a jam packed but we were able to celebrate Halloween 2016 with lots of fun! Our neighborhood kicked off the weekend with a block party, then we enjoyed the annual Trick or Treat down LSU sorority row, and finally with Halloween night! Get ready for A LOT of photos! ;)

Lakes of Jamestown Block Party

Our little monarch butterfly and Darth Vader had a blast at the block party! It was a really fun evening with friends!

It took forever to convince Harrison that he would enjoy bouncing...but once he got in there, he loved it!

Sweet Olivia Grace had a blast too!

You can tell how much fun Lily had by how rough she looks!

LSU Sorority Row Trick or Treat

Our only and probably last attempt at a family costume...Monarch Butterflies and Butterfly Observers!

Halloween 2016

And finally, a fun Halloween night! We decided not to pass out candy but to set up a Popcorn Bar instead! It was a big hit! We'll have to step our game up next year and pre-pop even more!

It's  an awesome time of year! ;)