Friday, November 25, 2016

Halloween 2016

It was a jam packed but we were able to celebrate Halloween 2016 with lots of fun! Our neighborhood kicked off the weekend with a block party, then we enjoyed the annual Trick or Treat down LSU sorority row, and finally with Halloween night! Get ready for A LOT of photos! ;)

Lakes of Jamestown Block Party

Our little monarch butterfly and Darth Vader had a blast at the block party! It was a really fun evening with friends!

It took forever to convince Harrison that he would enjoy bouncing...but once he got in there, he loved it!

Sweet Olivia Grace had a blast too!

You can tell how much fun Lily had by how rough she looks!

LSU Sorority Row Trick or Treat

Our only and probably last attempt at a family costume...Monarch Butterflies and Butterfly Observers!

Halloween 2016

And finally, a fun Halloween night! We decided not to pass out candy but to set up a Popcorn Bar instead! It was a big hit! We'll have to step our game up next year and pre-pop even more!

It's  an awesome time of year! ;)

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